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6 de Out de 2015 2 min de leitura

Prysmian Group Graduate Program 2016 » Inscreva-se até 30/11/2015

Lista de Tópicos


Engenharias (todas)
Administração, Ciênc. Contábeis, Ciênc. Econômicas, Comércio Exterior

Período de Conclusão
Dez/2013 a Dez/2015

Perfil e Competências
– To have had an outstanding university career, ideally with experience abroad and an international mind-set.
– To demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Processo Seletivo

1. Application (English)
2. Test & Questionnaire
3. Assessment
4. Interviews
5. Job Offer

Locais das fases presenciais
São Paulo/SP

Estrutura do Programa


Ações de desenvolvimento
Permanent contract with competitive salary

Our business success is not just the result of our strong technologies and products but is daily driven by our employees’ outstanding performances. For this reason our challenge is to find the best way to reward them through innovative and sustainable compensation programs fostering internal pay equity and external competitiveness.

Induction training in our HQ delivered in partnership with a top business school

You’ll start by spending 2 weeks in our head office, where you’ll get a great overview of the business. You’ll meet our Group CEO, get to grips with our products and technology, discover how our operations and customer relationship teams work together and you’ll even get a tour of our factory. Thanks to our partnership with SDA Bocconi, you’ll also attend a session on Management Skills fundamentals.

Job rotation in R&D, Operations and Sales

To get a true feel for the business, you’ll get the chance to work in a number of roles within it. Over the course of a year, you’ll spend 6 months working with our product technology team, 3 months in operations and 3 in customer relations, while working on a personal project to help learn more about the kind of roles you’d be best suited for.

International assignments within a multicultural environment

Having spend a year getting to know the business on a local level, you’ll get the chance to expand your experience overseas. You’ll embark on a 2 years international placement in either Sales, Operations, R&D or Staff functions. Your performance over the course of your time with us will be evaluated and a range of options discussed with you.

Technical or managerial appointment

Finally, your broad experience and understanding of the business will mean you should be ready to take on a Technical or Management role, either in your home country or overseas.

Informações Adicionais

Remuneração e benefícios compatíveis com o mercado

Sobre a empresa

We’re Prysmian Group, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of cables, and progress is the driving force of our business. We help cutting-edge technology make the leap from imagination to reality.

As a result, our cables form the infrastructure people need to make things happen, from power distribution, to the latest internet optic fibres, we help communities get what they need to thrive.

With over 19,000 employees, active in over 50 countries, our specialism in energy and telecoms puts us at the heart of so many everyday products and experiences.

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